3D Medical Printing

Our inhouse 3D Bioplotter® offers the solution for computer aided Tissue Engineering.  Join many companies and research centers in developing the first to market cell therapy solutions. Key Benefits of the new 4th generation 3D Bioplotter®:

  •  High flexibility in the choice of materials
  • Up to 5 materials per object with automated tool change
  • Excellent movement accuracy
  • Fast plotting speed and material change
  • An enhanced algorithm for plotting curves
  • A large building volume
  • High visibility of the building platform
  • Built-in primary and sterile filters
  • Cell printing with up to 5 different types of cells per object
  • STL file based outer contours
  • Flexible inner structure design
  • Dot printing capability

The Perfactory® and ULTRA® lines also offers several options for medical device prototyping, surgical guides, and implants, including UV capabilities.