3D Dental Printing

CAD/ CAM systems and three dimensional printing are revolutionizing the dental industry. The success of any digital dental lab relies heavily on:

Availability and ease of use of CAD software to design restorations and models from scanned impressions or gypsum models.  In short “ease of content development” by the lab technicians.

Ability of 3D printers to deliver accurate indications in “purpose intended materials” for direct use or indirect use and the stability of printed parts over long periods of time.

CAD/CAM created restorations not only represent cost reductions, but also assure higher clinical quality.

The lower cost of restorations when employing CAD/CAM printing techniques when compared to manually created restorations eliminates the threat many labs fear in off-shoring of restorations.  Adaptation of digital method is increasingly becoming the main factor in defining long term success.