About Us

At Christy Designs, we’ve been designing and printing 3D models since 2001. Our goal has always been to offer the fastest and highest quality 3D model printing for the best price possible. To accomplish this lofty ideal, we’ve continually invested heavily in acquiring and mastering the in latest 3D equipment and software.

Our passion for speed and quality is combined with our dedication to our customers in our unique 3D Satisfaction Guarantee. This is our promise to you that any job you give us will be produced to your exact specifications and standards. If for any reason your job needs to be reworked, it will be done at no additional cost to you. When you work with our team you can have complete peace of mind that your piece will be done right!

Secondly we offer something few others in our industry can, true Same Day Delivery. Our rooms full of the latest 3D machines are running 24 hours a day ensuring your job will be created on time, every time.

We invite you to call us and find out why thousands of jewelry and and other business worldwide trust their 3D printing work with the experts and Christy Designs.